Online spôsob platby:

  • online prostredníctvom miestneho bankového prevodu, kreditnou kartou, PayPal alebo Skrill.
  • v hotovosti v miestnom obchode, ktoré podporujú platby typu bitcoin.
  • priamo z vašej bitkovej peňaženky.


Please created a digital wallet. You can apply for an account at or or or

We will give you an example at

Step 1 : Sign up for an account at

Step 2 : When you apply for a complete account. You will have your own digital wallet for payment, receiving or sending money. You can use Credit Card or Bank Transfer or PayPal or Skrill  to buy bitcoin at Buy / Sell button. 


Step 3 : After you buy bitcoin you will see your bitcoins amount in your wallet. And then click Send/Request button. You will see the Recipient address and amount bitcoin in the screen.

              Copying the bitcoin address that you have received from our shop and put bitcoin amount. Then click send funds


Western Union Money TransferHow To Send Money at an Agent


> Your receiver's location
> Identification
> Cash

1. Visit a Western Union Agent Location

2. Complete Form

  • Name of person you’re sending money to
  • Amount
  • City and country where money will be picked up

3. Present ID and Payment to the Agent Clerk

  • Your completed form
  • Your government-issued ID (where applicable)
  • Payment including fees

4. Collect Receipt

  • Save your receipt with the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
  • Some countries require the Receiver to provide the MTCN from your receipt to pick up the money. To see if the country you are sending money to requires the MTCN, please select that country from the dropdown at the top of this page.

5. Receiver Picks Up Money

Read important service availability and restrictions for this country.

Restrictions and Special Notes

Sending from Czech Republic:

  • Maximum Principal send amount is $5,000 US dollars or local equivalent per person/per day/per transaction at Raiffeisenbank locations.
  • Send money transfers in US dollars are available at all Intercash SRO, P.E.S. Penezni Expresni Service SRO and Sportturist Special locations.

Receiving in Czech Republic:

  • Maximum Principal payout amount is $5,000 US dollars or local equivalent per person, per day, per transaction at Raiffeisenbank locations.
  • Payouts in US dollars are only available at Raiffeisenbank locations.



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