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Madame Heng, with her unique concept, will use only herbs, which have been proofed by generations to generations, to be an ingredient in her products. The concept is that there is nothing more reliable than the experience of the users which proof that these herbs are really effective. Good health and Beauty must come from the caring of both body and mind. Therefore, Madame Heng is very caring to select raw materials from natural sources that give you a healthy look from inside and a fresh look from outside For 50 years of experience, Madame Heng’s soap becomes well-known for herbal soap which has long-time history and formula. Many users become Madame Heng’s fan from the use of only one bar of soap which makes their face look brighter and this story has been the word of mouth from users to users. The success of Madame Heng’s soap is the discovery of the fact that to produce a good and high quality soap, the body of soap has to be sticky, not dried, and fast to be finished and without POWDER. Madame Heng also uses the natural process to keep the balance by not to damage the pure oil in soap which is a main ingredient for skin protection and these are also applied to many of Madame Heng’s sooap such as MerryBell Herbal Soap, a classic and signature formula which gives you freshness and helps to prevent acne and body odor; Acne Clear Soap which focus on preventing acne with Green Tea herb. There are 3 fragrances of Natural Balance Soap; Wood, Rose and Mint. They are the master colors of aroma with high quality herbs. There are also other good quality products, from the smallest soap with 12 grams to the biggest size of 1 kg,

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